Upcycling Used Copper Wires

Products Made from Used Copper Wires Copper wires can be reused and recycled into different products. (Photo Credits) Copper wires are materials that can be reused and upcycled. It is a very versatile craft item that helps boost creativity. Art People for instance shared wonderful upcycled creations made up of copper wires. Electrician “Celina Ortiz and her husband find discarded television sets and deconstruct them, removing their copper or aluminum wire in the process. With this valuable material in hand, they wrap the material around stone pendants in a tree-like design. The wire spans the width of the teardrop and oval forms, framing them with delicate branches that electrifyingly extend and wrap around the stone.” Check out the copper wire projects here. Copper can be beautiful The website Shareably.net meantime featured the project of a lady caring for the elderly. The project involved crocheting super thin copper wires. Electrical Association “Mondro spent a whole year researching the anatomy of the heart. She wanted her model to be as accurate as possible, especially since it single-handedly encompassed the meaning of her work. Mondro’s crocheted heart is highly fitting. It shows how art and creativity can help inspire the heart to beat. Beautiful, ain’t it?” Take a look at it here. Related Lighting and Electrical Repair and Installation Services: Lightning Electrician Vista         Lightning Electrician Coronado        Lightning Electrician Chula Vista        Lightning Electrician Mission Beach      My La Mesa Electrician       The website Fossbytes meantime shared a way to make homemade speakers using used copper wires among other used materials. “In this article, I won’t be presenting you some list of the world’s costliest speakers, or telling you about their amazing quality. Instead, I’ll be showing you how to make your … Continue reading Upcycling Used Copper Wires