Your dream solar powered home

Bayview Home

Dream home, solar home. (Photo Credits)

Solar powered homes could just be the dream home of the future. With its energy efficiency and environment friendliness, it is the ideal residence for anyone who wants to harness natural energy, lower utility expense, and at the same time lower their carbon foot print. Electrical Association featured a capsule home that is powered by solar energy. “Ecocapsule, which calls itself “the first truly independent micro-home,” is a new, teeny tiny smart home powered entirely by the sun and the wind. It can serve as your beachfront cottage, stylish mountaineering tent, or modern day yurt. You can take it just about anywhere, hitched to the back of your electric car—which, by the way, the Ecocapsule’s 9700 Watt-hour battery will happily charge for you.”

Take a look at it here.

Cool and efficient

Another cool solar powered home, this time featured over at David not only harnesses solar energy, it is also made from 100-percent recycled materials. “hey designed the Water Nest 100 for EcoFloLife, a company based in London that manufactures and sells eco-friendly floating residential structures. I think they hit a big winner with this model.”

Check out the home here.

Related Electrical Repair Services for its part shared photos and specifications of a foldable flat that is solar powered and can be set up virtually anywhere. Electrician

“The white and mint green-painted facade reflects the harsh sun to keep the interior cool, while the multiple openings and operable concertina doors promote natural ventilation.”

Check out the awesome photos here.

What does your dream solar-powered home look like?