Harnessing Solar Energy for your Business

Solar Powered Good Humor Ice Cream Stand, Washington DC, Pics by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube #Solar #SolarPowered #Power #GoodHumor #Good #Humor

Powered by the Sun. (Photo Credits)

Harnessing the Sun’s power to provide electricity for a business establishment is a grade way to reduce financial costs, and at the same time its lower carbon footprint. Electrical Association 

Inhabitat.com for instance featured a solar-powered coffee shop on wheels. “Since its launch just over a year ago, the creators of the brilliantly cool Wheelys Bike Cafe have made a huge number of improvements, and the company has just wheeled out an Indiegogo campaign for their Wheelys 3 solar-powered coffee cart. Much like previous versions, the simple customized cart allows one to set up your own Starbucks competitor with incredible ease and little by way of start up costs—but now the Wheelys cart includes a built-in greenhouse so you can harvest your own coffee beans, a smart phone app to control coffee temperatures, and more.”

Electrician Take a look at the coffee shop here.

Efficient and Budget-Friendly

Philly.com meantime features an ice cream shop in New Jersey that runs on solar power.

“Four years ago, they put the figurative cherry on top of their spontaneous decision when they made the stand self-sufficient – electrically, that is. They installed a 132-panel, 32-kilowatt solar system that powers the business during its 200-day season, which begins each year in late March.”

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The Vic Life meantime shared a post on a Surf Shop that uses solar energy for its electrical needs.

“If there’s anything more quintessentially Victoria than two 20-something surfers selling boutique clothing and surf boards out of a solar-powered shop on a lot once used as a dumpster staging area, I’ve yet to see it.”

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Would you consider using solar power for your business?