Solar Energy Advancements

Harnessing Solar Power Relying on Solar Energy. (Photo Credits) More and more commercial and residential property owners are considering solar energy for their homes. Apart from the efficiency and energy independence factors, its environmental-friendliness make homeowners dream of going solar someday. The solar industry after all has a lot to brag about. Electrical Association for instance shared about a solar panel that doubles as glass shingles. “There have been solar shingles before, but what makes Tesla’s different is they’re incredibly pretty. Compared to those big, bulky, blue ping-pong tables we probably normally think of, these are downright artistic. Musk hopes by making the panels visually attractive, they’ll entice more homeowners to add them to their roofs. They showed off four different types of tiles: terra cotta, slate, textured glass, and smooth glass. They work like thousands of little solar panels all hooked together.” Check out the photos here. Surpassing barriers The Media Agency The Independent shared that in the United Kingdom, Solar Energy is becoming more and more prevalent. Electrician      “James Court, head of policy at the Renewable Energy Association, said: ‘Solar overtaking coal this summer would have been largely unthinkable five years ago. This new data shows its popularity amongst homeowners and businesses and its falling costs. Now that we have a significant global and domestic industry, solar is one of the cheapest forms of power. Government policy stability is critical, however. Solar PV deployment in August 2016 was one third of what it was in August 2015 due to the sudden and severe changes to policy in the past year.’” Read the whole article here. Related Electrical Repair and Installation Services LightningElectric San Diego Contractor                       LightningElectric Rancho Bernardo Contractor    LightningElectric Contractor La Jolla … Continue reading Solar Energy Advancements