When Electric Shock happens

electric shock (by jose)

Electric shocks are extremely dangerous, as it can cause major injuries and even death. (Photo Credits)

Electric shocks can be fatal, and it can victimize more than just one casualty. It is then very important to be informed as to how to go about giving first aid treatment to someone who has sustained it.

Children, for instance are one of the usual casualties in any home. The Jakarta Post gave pointers as to what parents should do if their child suddenly sustains an electric shock. Electrical Association

“Break contact. If your child is still in contact with a live wire, turn off the electricity or break contact with the wire. Be sure to use a nonconducting object (such as a wooden pole). Call an ambulance immediately. Resuscitate. Begin mouth-to-mouth breathing as soon as possible if breathing has stopped. Often external cardiac massage will also be needed.”

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Take care of yourself too

The Health Site also enumerated the steps to take once one sees a person getting electrocuted. And in the list it shared, the website’s author highlighted that the responder should also be conscious of his safety. Electrician 

“Before you rush to help, carefully look around for any dangers as electricity can be quickly passed through water or any conducting material like iron. Call the emergency helpline immediately for help. Second, try to separate the person from the current source. You can turn off the power or unplug the device. If you can’t do so, stand on a dry and non-conducting material like wooden stool and try to separate the person using a wooden stick. Never touch the person with bare hands or you could also receive a shock.”

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First Aid For Free meantime shared a list of signs on how to tell if a person has sustained an electric shock. “Difficult, or absent breathing; absent, weak or irregular pulse; evidence of burns; entrance and exit wound burns; collapse and unconsciousness.”

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People should indeed make themselves aware of the first aid treatment for electrical shocks.

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