When to fix and when to replace


Fix faulty switches first before deciding to replace them. (Photo Credits)

Faulty switches can be very inconvenient. And this is the reason why most homeowners would want to have it repaired right away.

But before deciding to replace a light switch, one must first ensure that it is already beyond repair. American Lighting Association   

Homeguides SF Gate shared a great guide in diagnosing a failing light switch.

“Note the symptoms of the faulty switch. If the light flickers or shines dimly, there is probably a loose connection on the switch or inside it. If the lights don’t come on at all, however, the circuit power may be off. Make sure the breaker controlling the switch is on, then look around the house for tripped GFI outlets and reset any you find. This simple procedure may solve the problem.”

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Problematic Light Switch

If in case the problem indeed lies on the light switch, DIY.com provided a useful step-by-step instructions in replacing light switches. They however were quick to tell their readers to exercise utmost caution for their safety. Master Electrician

“Never take risks with electrical safety. Before you start any type of electrical work, you must follow these following safety precautions: (1) Remember to switch off the mains power at the consumer unit/fuse box. Isolate the circuit you plan to work on by removing the circuit fuse. Put this in your pocket to avoid accidental replacement Or switch off the breaker and lock it if you can; (2) Attach a note to the unit to advise you are working on the circuit.”

Read the continuation of the safety precautions, plus the step-by-step guide here.

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DIY Network also came up with a detailed step-by-step guide in replacing light switches.

“Use a screw driver to loosen the screws holding the electrical wires on the side of the switch, and then disconnect the wires from the switch itself. Pay attention to the wire colors and where they had been attached on the old switch, as you will be duplicating their placement on the new switch. Using needle nose pliers will be helpful while working in this small space. Keep the wires separated by bending them to opposite corners of the box. If the switch is grounded, remove the grounding wire last.”

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When unsure about a failing light switch, seek the services of a professional electrician contractor.

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