Harnessing the power of Solar Lamps

Red Solar Lantern

The reliability of Solar Power. (Photo Credits) 

 Solar Power Lamps are heaven sent in areas that have yet to be reached by mainstream power lines.

Huffington Post featured a community in India that are now using Solar Lamps to illuminate their dark evenings while they await to be part of their country’s power grid. Electrical Association

“Customers, who live either off the grid entirely or have less than 12 hours a day of electricity, are charged a small down payment for a high-quality solar PV system. Then, through its “progressive purchase” model, they pay in advance for a designated amount of energy consumption. Each payment counts toward the final purchase price, which — when fully paid — permanently unlocks the system, according to the company’s website.”

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Light even for Developed Cities

But even developed countries are now slowly relying on Solar Powered Lamps. Electrician

The Jordan Times published in one of its posts that Solar Lamps have been used to line up one of their major thoroughfares.

“The plan is in line with the municipality’s strategy to turn Amman into a green city by expanding the adoption of renewable energy to protect the environment, Farajeen noted. Jordan, which imports about 97 per cent of its energy needs, is witnessing an increasing demand on installing solar systems for generating power.”

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Individuals can also try making a solar-powered lamp, even from scratch and out of scrap. This is at least according to an article published by Science Alert.

“It’s a great idea, but there are no shortage of those when it comes to environmental solutions. The hardest part is putting them into practice, and setting up infrastructure that will make it easy for people with too many old phones cluttering up their drawers to get them to people who need them to light up their homes.”

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