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Common problems with electrical outlets and their causes. (Photo Credits)

Electrical outlets are very important in any home. It serves as a source of electrical power, and without it, appliances and fixtures that need electricity will not work.

The website enumerated the many possible problems a property owner may encounter in relation with its electrical plugs. American Lighting Association 

“How Bad Is This:  It can go either way.  This might be a simple case of lightening the load on a circuit.  Or your house’s entire electrical system might need upgrading. Do This:  The most common reason for circuit breaker tripping is an overloaded system. Turn off appliances that consume a lot of electricity, flip the breaker, and try again.  If the breaker does not turn off, then plug in and turn on one appliance or light and try again.  Sometimes, the circuit breaker itself may require replacing.  If you have a fuse, rather than a circuit breaker, this itself may indicate an older service panel that is not adequate for today’s standards.”

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Sparks can be normal

Master Electrician Service Ratings website Angiel’s List meantime listed down possible reasons why outlets spark. It said in one of the entries that it could also be normal for an outlet to spark. “When that power is suddenly diverted to an appliance, there will be a quick draw on the available power, causing a brief spark. Once the electrons are flowing freely, there should be no reason for a spark to form. This is normal, and it’s comparable to static electricity.”

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Related Electrical Repair and Installation Services

The website This Old House also shared the many possible difficulties a property owner may encounter with its electrical outlets.

“At a minimum, loose wires can cause a receptacle or switch to stop working. In the worst case, they can start a fire. Solution: Check for backstabbed connections by removing a switch or receptacle from its outlet box. If one is backstabbed, there are likely to be more. Release the wires and attach them to the appropriate screw terminals on the receptacle.”

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When problems with electrical outlets occur, have a competent electrical contractor check your home to stay safe.

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