Electrical Safety for Pet Owners


Their safety should be prioritized too. (Photo Credits)

Electrical injuries on home occupants can be prevented especially when precautions are taken, and religious maintenance is observed.

What homeowners should not forget though when making their home safe is the safety of their pets. Domesticated animals are very vulnerable to electrical injuries, and at the same time can also start electrical fires. Electrical Association    

Petcha.com shared safety tips for pet owners.

“Dogs on walks in colder climates may be at risk of electrical shock, according to the ASPCA. Stray voltage currents on city streets can be a threat to animals seeking outdoor exercise in winter. Most often present in northern climates and urban areas, stray voltage occurs when dormant utilities leak excess electricity. When streets are wet and salt-based ice melts, this combination can cause shock, injury, and even death for some pets.”

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Additional Safety Tips

Safer Pets also came up with their own advice for pet owners, emphasizing in home areas frequented by pets. Electrician

“Do not allow your pet to nap behind electrical appliances, such as computer equipment, stoves, fridges, washers and dryers. Be careful with freestanding lamps and exposed bulbs – some can reach very high temperatures (eg, halogen lamps) and if knocked over by a pet in play, could easily start a fire. If you have an aquarium, make sure all the electrical cords coming out of the aquarium are equipped with drip loops, which will ensure that any water running down the cord will fall to the floor rather than travel up the cord and into the electrical outlet.”

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In the unfortunate event that the pet sustains an electrical shock, the website All Creatures Vet offered some advice.

“Observe your dogs behavior. Is he skittish, frightened, angry or upset for no apparent reason? These sudden behavioral changes could be an indication of electric shock. If your dog is incapacitated due to shock, don’t try to touch or move him without protective gear. Your pooch may pass the current to you, rendering you both incapable of seeking help. Instead, call the police, sheriff or fire department immediately.”

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To ensure safety of pets, it will be best to have a licensed electrician contractor inspect the home to see potential safety risks, and address it accordingly.

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