DIY Solar Panel

Solar Panel Building: My Workspace

You can experiment on making your own. (Photo Credits)

More and more families and businesses are considering the installation of solar panels in their respective homes or establishments in order to harness solar energy.

Solar panels however are an investment, and some families may not be financially prepared for this endeavor.

There however are options available to those who may want to venture into making their own solar panels.

Practical Survivalist for instance shared this tutorial on how to make DIY Solar Panels. Electrical Association   

“Save money on the cost of building your own Alternative Energy source like the solar power system by building a really cheap solar panels for 15 dollars.”

Watch the video here.

Reuse and Recycle

Handy and Homemade also shared yet another way to create your own solar panel – this time using soda cans. Electrician 

“There are many different ways to go about creating a solar panel and this idea is one of the best I have seen. Regardless of the outdoor temperature, pop cans heat up very quickly making them useful for this project. Re-use old pop cans to create a clean off grid energy source and start saving on your energy bills!”

See the tutorial here.

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Prepping enthusiasts can meantime learn a thing or two from this tutorial shared by 101 Ways to Survive.

“Whether you want to #prep for the worst (natural disasters, terrorist attacks or the end of Western civilization) or you want to get off the grid and save money on your electricity bill, this.”

Watch the video guide here.

Would you dare venture to make your own solar panel?