Heating the home using Solar Energy

Solar Home Heating Home heating through Solar Power. (Photo Credits) Warming the whole home requires a lot of energy, and therefore incurs a huge chunk of utility costs for any home or commercial property. This is the reason why more and more companies and individual families are considering to invest on renewable sources of energy to save costs in the long run. Electrical Association  In Denmark, the world’s largest solar heating system has been fired up as featured in the website State of Green. “Over the last seven months, a lorry has gone to Arcon-Sunmark in Skørping 455 times in order to unload solar panels for the world’s biggest solar heating system in Silkeborg. The system consists of 12,436 solar panels for each 12.6 m2, a complete area of 156,694 m2. On a sunny day in the summer half, 2.7 million litres of water circulate through the system every hour. Through 1.2 kilometre long district heating pipes, the system connects to a heating plant. – One fifth of the heat consumption in Silkeborg is now covered by solar heat; a figure we have been proud of contributing to in collaboration with Silkeborg Forsyning. The project is living proof that redistribution to sustainable energy does not have to be a long and difficult process. It can be realised quickly and effectively, says Søren Elisiussen, the managing director at Arcon-Sunmark.” Read more about it here. Do-it-Yourself Solar Home Heating System Solar Power World Online meantime shared some ways to generate home heat using solar power. Electrician          “Rather than storing energy in batteries, another option is to store solar energy in the form of hot water. Figure 2 shows a 1.2-kW off-grid solar inverter connected to the lower … Continue reading Heating the home using Solar Energy