Repairing Damaged Wirings

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When wirings get damaged. (Photo Credits)

Frayed cables and wires are not just an annoyance and an eyesore, they are also an electrical emergency waiting to happen. Homeowners better be vigilant in addressing these electrical issues so as to prevent any injury or accident. Electrical Association  

The website came up with an article on how to deal with frayed wires. “This condition is very dangerous and can create short circuits and fire hazard. Ordinarily, you can just wrap 2 or 3 wraps of electrical tape around the damaged area. However, with old, brittle insulation, it will come apart and be made worse as you try to wrap the old wire and insulation with electrical tape. Fortunately, this can be fairly easily fixed using something called “Heat Shrink Tubing” as I’ll describe in the next step.”

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Dealing with Frayed Electrical Wires

The website Handyman How To also came up with a detailed illustration plus tutorial on dealing with damaged electrical wiring. Electrician

“This splice repair technique is useful for fixing damage when there’s not enough slack in the electrical cable to rejoin the ends together with wire nuts in a single junction box. For example, if a squirrel or rodent has a chewed through an electrical cable in the attic, or in my case, I also had to reroute the wire to correct a building code violation.”

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The website e-how for its part shared an instructional video on wiring repair.

“If you have discovered a damaged electrical wire or cable, you probably already understand the need to repair it. Damaged electrical wiring will not perform its intended task. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can most likely repair damaged wiring yourself as long as a few safety precautions are followed. Remember that electrical wires have only one core, while cables have multiple wires inside a single sheath.”

Watch the video here.

The safest way to deal with electrical cables that have been damaged is to call for the services of a licensed electrician.

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