What to do with Flickering Light Bulbs


When the lights flicker, get down to the issue. (Photo Credits)

Flickering light bulbs can be a hassle, but it may also be an indicator that there is a deeper issue in a home’s electrical system. Electrical Association   

There are a number of reasons why lights go off and on intermittently, and for each reason, there are corresponding solutions.

The website 1000Bulbs.com for instance explained that flickering lights may mean that there is a voltage problem. This, it says, merits a call to the electrician.

“If your lights flicker when you turn on an appliance with a high wattage, the reason could be because the voltage in your home is fluctuating too much. If the flickering lasts longer than the use of the appliance, this could be a symptom of a more serious electrical issue. Other signs that the voltage in your home isn’t right include lights that dim unexpectedly or that frequently burn out. Electricity typically flows into homes at around 120 volts. Although a little fluctuation is normal, your home should always be supplied with between 115 and 125 volts.”

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Indicator of a more serious electrical concern

The Spruce.com echoed the same sentiment saying that a bigger electrical problem could be causing the intermittent lighting. Electrician 

“Flickering lights are normally not cause for alarm. But sometimes they can indicate a more serious problem. Constant or severe drops in lighting can result from loose connections. Faulty wiring connections create points of high resistance, which can generate unsafe levels of heat. Old breakers can also cause flickering. Similar to your home’s electrical systems, the wiring in your breakers can go bad over time. Faulty breaker wiring can short and overheat, which can cause flickering. Always call a pro to address these problems.”

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SF Gate meantime shared some ways to troubleshoot a flickering light bulb that s not malfunctioning becaise of a deeper electrical issue.

“Check the outlet where the lamp is plugged into. The outlet may be bad and incorrect contact with the electrical prongs may cause the lamp to flicker. Plug the lamp in at several different outlets and test the lamp. If the flickering stops, the outlet was the culprit.”

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flickering light bulbs could either be a minor electrical concern, or a clue to a major electrical issue.

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