Electrical Safety Measures Children Should Learn


Kids should be aware of electrical safety measures too. (Photo Credits)

Children are prone to electric shock especially since they are usually not aware of the repercussions of their actions around electrical fixtures.

It is in their best interest and safety to be taught about the measures they have to take when dealing with electricity. Electrical Association 

Philadelphia-Based Gen3 Electric shared an article on electrical safety tips children should be aware of.

“Keep all electronic devices away from sinks, bathtubs and other water sources. Never yank on a cord to get an electric plug out of the wall. Tell an adult right away if they find a worn, frayed or damaged wire.”

Read more here.

More safety tips

Visual.ly meantime came up with infographics that teach children about safe use of electricity. Electrician 

“Want your kids to understand the dangers of electricity? Here are 10 things you need to teach them.”

Take a look at the infographics here.

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Cherry Land Electric Cooperative also shared more safety measures for children.

“Fly your kite far away from power lines or substations. Fly kites and model airplanes in large open areas like a park or a field, safely away from trees and overhead power lines. If a kite gets stuck in a tree that’s near power lines, don’t climb up to get it. Contact your local electric cooperative for assistance. The kite and the string may conduct electricity—sending it right through you to the ground. Ask a grown-up for help when you need to use something that uses electricity. DO look up and look out for power lines before you climb a tree. The electricity can go right through the tree branch—and right through you!”

Read the rest of the tips here.

Safety should always be the priority especially when there are children around electrical fixtures.