Typhoon, flooding and Electricity

storm over maroochydore

Flooding and storms pose a different safety challenge. (Photo Credits)

The problem with inclement weather is that it could pose very dangerous electrical injuries and damages to those that are affected by storms and flooding.

Both government and non-government organizations share warnings and advice to the general public on how to stay safe during typhoon season. Electrical Association             

The Electrical Safety Foundation shared a comprehensive safety guide to avoid electrical accidents.

“The high winds, extreme rains and flooding caused by hurricanes and tornadoes present many unique dangers. ESFI offers consumers important advice about how to help prevent electrically-related deaths, injuries and property loss by taking a few precautions during and after severe storms and other natural disasters. “

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Lightning and Electricity

Thornton Weather for its part explained the correlations of lighting and electrical accidents during thunderstorms and inclement weather. Electrician

“The dangerous electrical current associated with a lightning strike typically enters a structure through wires, cables or pipes that connect to the building from the outside. Lightning can also directly enter into a structure through an open window, door or garage door. Once in a structure, the dangerous current can travel through the electrical, phone, cable and plumbing systems and through metal wires or bars in concrete walls or flooring.”

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The Electrical Safety Authority also came up with safety tips for property owners during typhoon season.

“Downed powerlines may be live. Stay back at least 10 metres or 33 feet (the length of a school bus). Electricity can travel through water and the ground around powerlines. Immediately call 9-1-1 and the local electric utility to report any downed wires.”

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Being knowledgeable about the possible electrical safety issues during storm season is important to avoid electrical injuries.

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