Installing ceiling light fixtures


The beauty of chandeliers. (Photo Credits)

Installing a chandelier in a living room or dining area, will certainly create another dimension in terms of home aesthetics. It is not as easy as it looks though because when the light fixture is classified as heavy, additional support will be needed to ensure the safety of the whole household.

E-How came out with a basic tutorial on how to undertake such a project. Electrical Association

“When installing light fixtures, the basic rule is that a common round ceiling box can support up to a 50-pound light fixture, while heavier lights must be attached directly to a solid support. However, it’s better to play it safe and avoid possible injuries or lawsuits, as well as destroying the light, by hanging lights that weigh more than 25 pounds from a specialized fan brace rather then from a common ceiling box. Follow the steps below to see how it’s done.”

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Installing heavier chandeliers and fixtures

For heavier lighting fixtures, The Family Handyman came up with a how-to guide. Electrician  

“For practical purposes, make sure your electrical box is securely fastened to solid framing before you hang a new light fixture from it. If your light fixture weighs more than 50 lbs., it has to be supported independent of the electrical box. An easy solution is to install a fan brace box (available from home centers and hardware stores) that’s designed to be installed without cutting any additional holes in your ceiling. Check the label to make sure the box is designed to support more than 35 lbs.”

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SF Gate for its part shared how to install support for heavy light installations. They warned their readers though to take necessary precautions when creating this support material.

“Before cutting into any area in the ceiling that may contain live electrical lines, turn off the circuit breakers that govern the electrical cables that may be strung throughout the attic. If you are not certain which circuits may be passing through the attic, turn off the main circuit breaker to the house to eliminate all power to the structure until you have completed the hole for the junction box. Also, when working with power tools such as a circular saw, wear protective safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying dust and debris.”

Check out the guidelines here.

As always, the safest way to go about installing a heavy light fixture, seek the services of an electrician contractor.

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