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Electrical Hacks that can help lower utility bills

Lower Power Consumption is Possible
Who will be able to keep the lights on?

Take control of power bills. (Photo Credits)

Electrical bills can become a huge chunk in any household’s budget. The good news is every homeowner can take charge of their consumption if they become more cautious about how they consume electricity in their respective homes.

Many web resources have come up with great advice on how to lower electric bills through simple electrical chores or improvement projects.

“Turn off your power strip that your electronics are connected to. Even if your electronics are turned off, they’re still sapping energy. They’re called “vampire devices” because they keep a little bit of electricity going so they can respond more quickly to things like being turned back on. By turned off the power strip you effectively cut off all electricity to your electronics so they don’t use electricity without you knowing.”

Read the whole post here.
Investing on an upgrade of appliances
The website Make Use Of details some ways on lowering utility bills through factors the homeowner himself have control over. Electrician   

“By far the most energy-intensive operation at home is cooling and heating. We all want to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but the associated costs can pack quite a punch. The average home attributes 40 to 60 percent of its energy consumption to thermal regulation. The usual steps for cutting costs include installing energy-efficient models and properly insulating your walls and windows.” Check out the material here.
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Taking time to take a homeowner’s electrical exam if one lives within a State that allows such will also help in […]

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How to lower energy consumption in the Kitchen

Conserving energy in the kitchen
Vintage Cottage Kitchen

A working kitchen can make or break a home’s budget when it comes to paying for electrical consumption. (Photo Credits)

Electrical use in the kitchen is definitely unavoidable with the many kitchen gadgets and equipment that make for more delicious meals.

It is however easy to go overboard when using kitchen appliances. Electric ovens and non-inverter refrigerators are all energy monsters that can easily consume so much energy. Mindful use of these appliances is very important.

British-based website Kitchen and Bathroom Ideas says efficient energy use in the kitchen starts in the design.

“Getting the electrics right is an important part of kitchen design and it’s vital to get everything in the right place. While doing a kitchen design it makes sense to completely over-spec the electricity supply and provisions for appliances and gadgets as it’s not a job you want to have to revisit a couple of years down the line. There are essentially three elements to deal with when it comes to the electrical work; the 13 amp socket circuit for kitchen appliances, the 30 amp supply for high load appliances such as electric cookers, and the lighting circuits. Kitchen design will need to take into account of all three.” Read the continuation of this article here.
Upgrade into energy saving appliances
Greener appliances and those operated using inverter technology are of great help when it comes to reducing energy consumption in the kitchen.

Cooks Direct emphasized this point in one of their articles where they tackled energy conservation in the kitchen. Electrician     

“When washing dishes in a dishwasher, only run the machine when it is full. This will limit the amount of times the dishwasher is run, greatly decreasing energy costs and water consumption. Invest in […]

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Areas Powered by Renewable Energy

All about Renewable Power
Green Power

Going green. (Photo Credits)

Relying on sustainable forms of energy is a goal of most cities to save on costs and at the same time to help reduce carbon foot print.

More and more cities and countries take pride in using renewable energy sources like solar, and wind turbines.

In Scotland, wind turbines powered its electricity needs for more than a day as reported by the website The Guardian. Electrical Association            

“High winds on Sunday were strong enough to power the equivalent of all of Scotland’s electricity needs for the day, according to environmentalists. The Met Office issued a yellow “be aware” weather warning covering much of the country as wind speeds reached 115mph on the top of the Cairngorms and gusts of more than 60mph hit towns in the north. The weather brought travel disruption, with some bridges closed, ferries cancelled and trains affected but helped boost the country’s renewable energy production.”

Read the continuation of the article here.
More than a hundred days
Costa Rica for its part took pride in relying on sustainable energy for more than 100 days. Electrician

“The small Central American nation has generated 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources for the past 113 days, and the run isn’t over yet. The country, which draws clean energy from a variety of renewable sources, still has its sights on a full year without fossil fuels. With a 113-day stretch of 100-percent renewable energy under its belt and several months left in the year, Costa Rica is edging closer to its target. Costa Rica could be on track to match the record set with its renewable energy production last year, which accounted for 99 percent of the country’s electricity. That included 285 […]

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Avoid Electrical Problems when buying an older home

Electrical Systems of an older house
Joe Everhart & Ken Ramsay House

What to check when buying an older home, electrical-wise. (Photo Credits)

When purchasing a relatively older house, buyers are advised to be wary about the potential electrical concerns an older home may bring about. says electrical wirings and systems may be outdated so it should be among the first details any buyer should check and inquire about. Electrical Association

“You must also inspect the breaker panels in older homes for any deterioration or signs that arcing or burn marks exist. Unfortunately, many consumers who buy older homes are under the impression that breaker panels last a lifetime and there is no need to check them. This mindset can lead to dangerous electrical conditions and fire hazards threatening the safety of any home.”

Read the whole article here.
Fewer Outlets meantime cautioned buyers that older homes may have fewer outlets compared to modern ones. Electrician 

“Expect to find fewer outlets per room and fewer circuits—which means all your electronics could trip a fuse. And if you find single-strand aluminum wiring—common during the copper shortage of the late ’60s and early ’70s—be prepared to replace the system. Faulty connections overheat the wiring, creating (surprise!) a fire hazard.”

Check out the rest of the write-up here.
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Lightning Electrician Lemon Grove for its part says an older home may be less energy-efficient versus a newer one, so buyers should consider that fact when deciding.

“Energy efficient windows are just one of the features that became standard after the first energy crises of 1970. Many very old houses that date before that era may not have added insulation, new windows and doors, […]

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Responding to Electric Shocks

When Electric Shock happens
electric shock (by jose)

Electric shocks are extremely dangerous, as it can cause major injuries and even death. (Photo Credits)

Electric shocks can be fatal, and it can victimize more than just one casualty. It is then very important to be informed as to how to go about giving first aid treatment to someone who has sustained it.

Children, for instance are one of the usual casualties in any home. The Jakarta Post gave pointers as to what parents should do if their child suddenly sustains an electric shock. Electrical Association

“Break contact. If your child is still in contact with a live wire, turn off the electricity or break contact with the wire. Be sure to use a nonconducting object (such as a wooden pole). Call an ambulance immediately. Resuscitate. Begin mouth-to-mouth breathing as soon as possible if breathing has stopped. Often external cardiac massage will also be needed.”

Read the whole post here.
Take care of yourself too
The Health Site also enumerated the steps to take once one sees a person getting electrocuted. And in the list it shared, the website’s author highlighted that the responder should also be conscious of his safety. Electrician 

“Before you rush to help, carefully look around for any dangers as electricity can be quickly passed through water or any conducting material like iron. Call the emergency helpline immediately for help. Second, try to separate the person from the current source. You can turn off the power or unplug the device. If you can’t do so, stand on a dry and non-conducting material like wooden stool and try to separate the person using a wooden stick. Never touch the person with bare hands or you could also receive a shock.”

Check out the continuation of […]

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Solar Energy Advancements

Harnessing Solar Power
Solar Panels

Relying on Solar Energy. (Photo Credits)

More and more commercial and residential property owners are considering solar energy for their homes. Apart from the efficiency and energy independence factors, its environmental-friendliness make homeowners dream of going solar someday.

The solar industry after all has a lot to brag about. Electrical Association for instance shared about a solar panel that doubles as glass shingles.

“There have been solar shingles before, but what makes Tesla’s different is they’re incredibly pretty. Compared to those big, bulky, blue ping-pong tables we probably normally think of, these are downright artistic. Musk hopes by making the panels visually attractive, they’ll entice more homeowners to add them to their roofs. They showed off four different types of tiles: terra cotta, slate, textured glass, and smooth glass. They work like thousands of little solar panels all hooked together.”

Check out the photos here.
Surpassing barriers
The Media Agency The Independent shared that in the United Kingdom, Solar Energy is becoming more and more prevalent. Electrician     

“James Court, head of policy at the Renewable Energy Association, said: ‘Solar overtaking coal this summer would have been largely unthinkable five years ago. This new data shows its popularity amongst homeowners and businesses and its falling costs. Now that we have a significant global and domestic industry, solar is one of the cheapest forms of power. Government policy stability is critical, however. Solar PV deployment in August 2016 was one third of what it was in August 2015 due to the sudden and severe changes to policy in the past year.’”

Read the whole article here.
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Around the World with Solar Energy

Solar Energy Round-up
Solar Decathlon 2007

Different nations, same source of energy. (Photo Credits)

A lot of developments have been taking place in the solar energy front. Electrician          

The website Daily Kos for instance shared in one of its post that France has made it mandatory for commercial buildings to be at least partially covered with solar panels, or have gardens.

“This isn’t a first. Places like Australia and Germany already have green roofs as a part of their urban landscape. Toronto has had by-laws since 1998 mandating green rooftops.”

Read the rest of the write-up here.
Large Scale
Science Alert for its part put the spotlight on China’s efforts on harnessing renewable energy. Electrical Association

“In a move that once again proves its commitment to renewable energy, China has begun construction on its first large-scale commercial solar plant out in the sun-dreched expanse of the Gobi Desert. Called Delingha, the colossal facility will spread out across 25 km² (6,300 acres) of vacant land in the country’s Qinghai province, and will feature six huge solar towers hooked up to an array of solar mirrors.”

Check out the article here.
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Over at Canada, Inhabitat featured some developments on the Solar Energy front.

“One of Alberta’s biggest solar projects has been built in one of the most unlikely places—the heart of Canada’s Peace River oil sands. The Lubicon Lake Band aboriginal community launched the Piitapan Solar Project, a 20.8kW renewable energy installation in Little Buffalo, Alberta. The inspiring 80-panel solar project was developed in a bid to create more green jobs and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.”

See more here.

What’s the latest on Solar Power from your end?

The efficiency of a solar-powered home

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Lightning San Diego Electrician Services Offered

Discover the services offered by electrician company lightning electric

A professional santee Electrician is adept at doing a whole plethora of chores both in the house and commercial premises in order to make sure all the electrical installations are functioning properly as well as to the appropriate building regulations. Following are some of the crucial services which can be expected from the qualified electricians.
Certification and Testing For Electrical Contractors
Probably, it is the most common job after general la jolla electrician Electrical repair, which is done by these technicians. They offer their services in the homes and commercial sectors to test whether each and every electrical component is working in a way it ought to be or not. With the help of right tools they can easily check out all the deteriorations and can fix its root cause in an efficient way.
Wiring and Rewires for your san diego home
There are so many house owners out there who take electricity and its components for granted. In older edifices, the whole wiring might require to be completely replaced by an expert Electrical Contractor. Over time, it is rather easy to disregard that in a certain building the cabling has become outdated and needs to be entirely replaced as soon as possible for the safety reasons. Find an electrician poway here at lightning electric sd.
Safety is Lighting Electric San Diego’s Number One Priority
So, these professionals predominantly do wiring for the sake of safety, since superannuated wiring could lead to dreadful electrical shocks and fire. Meanwhile, these technicians are able to produce detailed and reliable reports regarding the electric wiring’s current condition of a property. It essentially assists in spotting out any potential issue. Most of the lakeside electrician experts recommend […]

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