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Dangerous Electrical Fires

When electrical fires become fatal
House fire

The perils of electrical fire. (Photo Credits)

Electrical fires are indeed very dangerous, not only to property but also to human lives.

CBS News reported about a fire that broke out in a maternity hospital in Iraq that claimed the lives of newborns. Electrician                     

“A fire ripped through a maternity ward at a Baghdad hospital overnight, killing 12 newborn babies, government officials said Wednesday, a deadly blaze that was likely caused by faulty electrical wiring.”

Read the whole report here.
Faulty Electrical Wiring
Fox 13 News meantime reported about an evacuation of at least more than 200 patients in a hospital fire that has been sparked by faulty electrical wiring. Electrical Association

“An electrical fire at Bayonet Point Regional Medical Center forced all patients to be evacuated Wednesday evening. The fire, which started in the generator room, was extinguished in the first 10 minutes of crews being on the scene, but emergency and back-up power had to be cut to the buildings.”

Watch the report here.
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Electrical fires also cause major inconveniences. The Fresnobee reported that thousands of phone and internet subscribers have been affected following an electrical fire in one of the facilities of their data services provider.

“An electrical fire at Comcast’s Fresno facility caused outages of Internet, TV and telephone services for local customers Wednesday and spread to Visalia and Modesto. Comcast telephone customers in Sacramento and the Bay Area also reported problems.”

Read the rest of the news article here.

To avoid electrical fires, regular electrical maintenance should be conducted in every home by a licensed professional electrician.

What it takes to be an Electrician


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Harnessing the Creativity of Electricians

The other side of being an electrical professional
Light/Stage Design Worx ©bertilmark #lesurbanprogressives

Hidden talent. (Photo Credits)

Electricians may be known as simple professionals who aim to get their job well day in and day out, but there is another side to this façade.

There are quite a number of these no-nonsense professionals who also have their creative side. Electrical Association          

Just like this Electrician Contractor who tried to map out famous superhero character through GPS as shared by the website Sparks Magazine.

“The project was picked up after a Data Analyst at RAM Tracking noticed a consistent number of irregular vehicle journeys – by one particular client. It was quickly found that a driver, from a London-based electrical business, was creating a number of recognisable superhero-inspired images – via the vehicle’s GPS tracking software. While the images are more Picasso than Michelangelo, the linear element of the street art was intricately carried out over several weeks across major roads in London. After contacting the business, RAM Tracking found that the project was carefully planned by Matt Smith, owner of MS Electrical.

Check out the images here.
A Creative Tradition
The website Klein Tools meantime highlighted the creativity and innovativeness of an electrician who started the famous New Year’s Eve tradition over at Times Square.

“The first Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration happened in 1904, and wasn’t entirely to celebrate the New Year. It was actually part of an all-day street festival to commemorate the official opening of the New York Times headquarters (aka. the building from which the NYE ball is dropped today). For the inaugural event, the newspaper’s owner, Adolph Ochs commissioned a huge fireworks show to mark the start of the New Year. Ochs celebration was such a huge success that Times Square […]

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When a home needs rewiring

What a homeowner needs to know about rewiring
Old House

Old homes usually require rewiring. (Photo Credits)

Rewiring a home could be a necessity to ensure the safety of its occupants.

But what does a homeowner need to know about home electrical rewiring?

The website Future Proof Building gives homeowners an idea on what to expect. Electrical Association 

“When rewiring an existing dwelling, variations are bound to occur and will have an impact on your pricing. For instance, older homes often mean older wiring, and electricians sometimes have to work with electrical layouts that are more than 50 years old, or that have gone through numerous renovations over the years, so parts of the dwelling may need to have the wiring upgraded to meet current rules and regulations.”

Read the whole article here.
Coping with modern demands
Custom Electrical reminded homeowners that another reason for a need for a rewiring is that older electrical systems may not be able to cope up with modern electrical usage. Electrician  

“Your wiring may have not been planed for dishwashers, high powered microwaves, garbage disposals, powerful vacuum motors, and all the electronics, lighting, and gadgets we have in our homes today.  Without the proper dedicated circuits, your homes wiring can be come overloaded.  Combine overloaded wiring with outdated fuses, breakers boxes and you have a set up for disaster. “

Check out the whole post here.
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The website SF Gate meantime gave homeowners an idea how much it may cost to rewire an older home.

“Draw a map of the home interior and exterior and mark the changes in each room. Unless […]

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Modern Ceiling Fans

Function and Design
New ceiling fan installed! #justplumcrazy

Accentuate and Refresh with Modern Ceiling Fans. (Photo Credits)

Ceiling fans are usually used to air a certain part of a home. Modern fans however are installed by electricians not just for its function, but also for the design. for instance featured ultra-modern ceiling fan designs that will definitely become a conversation piece when installed in the living room.

“This fan has the look of a traditional portable box fan but it’s ceiling mounted. It features more powerful air circulation than a standard fan, so it’s great for a space that really needs some extra help when it comes to the cooling off factor. Again, this one would work well on its own or lined up on the ceiling with several units.”

Check this particular fan here.
Clean Lines
Design Milk meantime featured Minimalist fans that will add a minimalist charm to any room. Electrical Association      

“I have a Ball Ceiling Fan in every bedroom in my house, in addition to our family room. I think this is one of the most well-designed, good-looking modern fans on the market. It comes with an optional light, is available in a few different finishes, and it was easy to install (kudos to Mr. Design Milk for installing them all!). So this one is tried, tested and true.”

Take a look at it here.
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Trendir for its part shared photos and features of ceiling fans that are not just hip and modern, but are also definitely a breath of fresh air.

“The Bianca Directional Collection (above and below), from […]

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Installing Patio Lights

Bright and Beautiful Patios
patio night

Patio Lighting Ideas. (Photo Credits)

Patio Lights lend more beauty to an otherwise darkened patio once the sun sets. Electrical Association 

Professional installation of patio lights is of course needed to carry out a wonderful and safe patio area that a homeowner can relax in at the end of a long and tiring day.

The website Home Design Etc shared stunning Patio lighting ideas any homeowner will want to carry out in his home.

“Like it or not, lighting can make or break any patio or outdoor area. After all, often times, lighting is one of the biggest things you can do in order to give your patio atmosphere and functionality. Who wants to sit outside in the dark?”

Check out the stunning design ideas here.
For the Small Patio
The website Real Simple also shared some Patio Light Ideas for homeowners with Patios that are not so big. Electrician

“You don’t want to leave yourself (or your guests) in the dark. ‘I’ve always loved table lamps on porches,’ says interior designer Dana Gibson. ‘Even on a small porch, a table lamp adds ambience and makes the space at night even more magical and cozy.’ If you don’t have a spot to place a lamp, you can also opt for outdoor string lights, which still lend a dreamy effect and create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying that summer nighttime air.”

Take a look at the sample photos here.
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The website Plant Care Today meantime offered some patio lighting ideas for homeowners who want to enjoy eating out […]

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Scenic Lighthouses

Lighting up the coastlines

The Beauty of Lighthouses. (Photo Credits)

Lighthouses have a distinct charm that enamors whoever passes by and sees them. More often than not, it goes beyond its purpose of illuminating a coastline and being a watchtower, as most lighthouses become a landmark in the community where it is situated. Electrical Association              

The Website Only In Your State for instance featured the amazingly beautiful lighthouses of Michigan.

“Some say that the Midwest is landlocked and void of the picturesque beaches that make the coasts beautiful. Those who say that obviously have never been to Michigan. Not only do we have some of the best fresh-water beaches in the country, but we also are home to some of the best shoreline structures around. Specifically, Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state in the country, thanks to the state’s early days as a major water passage”

Check out the photos here.
Historic and Beautiful
One of the most famous lighthouses in the history is the Lighthouse of Alexandria.The website 1001 Inventions held the spotlight on it in one of its posts.  Electrician 

“The lighthouse was constructed in the 3rd century BCE during the reigns of Ptolemy I (Soter) and his son Ptolemy II (Philadelphus). It has been said that it was seriously impaired by number of natural disasters between 10th and 14th Century, eventually collapsed completely and last of it remains castoff in the construction of the Citadel of Qaitbay (Kait Bey) dated back to late 15th Century. It lasted for a long time as one of the ancient wonders, alongside with the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the present Great Pyramid of Giza. There are very different opinions on the height of the lighthouse (as seen on the figure below). […]

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Characteristics of a Good Electrician

Qualities of a Reliable Electrician

What are the qualities to look for in a good electrician? (Photo Credits)

Finding a reliable electrician has a lot to do with ensuring a home or a commercial property’s safety.

It is always better to have a stand-by contact in case of an emergency than be caught clueless as to who to get in touch with during an electrical emergency at the middle of the night.

Quality Electrical shared some traits of a good electrician.

“Tech savvy: These professionals should be up to date with the latest technology or else remain backdated. With the use of advanced techniques, he/she should be able to perform their job in lesser time that others.”

Read the rest of the traits here.
Can Provide a Service Warranty
Zoolasearch also note that a good electrician can guarantee his services. Electrical Association           

“The firms should have an insurance policy for their customers. Insurance guarantees compensation for any loss the customer will suffer while the contractor is working on his/her ac machine. The expert might make a mistake and damage the appliance beyond repair and that will need compensation.”

Check out the rest of the article here.
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The Best of Chepstow meanwhile underscored the importance of being an honest and good communicator.

“Know exactly what you are paying for before accepting a quotation, such as what kind of guarantee the work will have. Most work is covered by a guarantee issued by the electrical governing body the electrician is registered with. This means that if a problem develops in the future and you cannot contact the […]

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Hiring the right electrician

 How to choose an Electrician Contractor

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy electrician. (Photo Credits)

When it comes to choosing an electrician for a home or a commercial property, it is very important to be discerning about the quality of service and reputation of the contractor to be hired. Electrical Association 

Advice on Improving Your Home gave several pointers on how to hire the right electrician contractor in a community.

“Make sure the electrician has insurance. Your selected electrician may have a high level of skill and experience and may take the necessary steps to boost safety while working on your residential property. However, accidents like electrical fires can still happen. If your electrician has a suitable insurance policy, you get assurance that the damages brought about by the accident will be covered. “

Read the rest of the article here.
Word of Mouth
The Best of Forest of Dean also offered some great advice in hiring an electrician. Electrician

“The best option is to ask your family or friends for recommendations. If someone has done a good job, their customers will always be happy to recommend their services. You could also make enquiries in a local electric retail shop as they may recommend electricians to their customers.”

Check out the rest of the hiring guide here.
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Proreferral meanwhile gave reasons why it is important to find a reliable electrician.

“Because electricity can be dangerous, it’s essential to work with a qualified electrician to ensure the safety and proper function of your home’s electrical system. A good electrician will be able to meet current needs […]

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Reliable Solar Lamps

Harnessing the power of Solar Lamps
Red Solar Lantern

The reliability of Solar Power. (Photo Credits) 

 Solar Power Lamps are heaven sent in areas that have yet to be reached by mainstream power lines.

Huffington Post featured a community in India that are now using Solar Lamps to illuminate their dark evenings while they await to be part of their country’s power grid. Electrical Association

“Customers, who live either off the grid entirely or have less than 12 hours a day of electricity, are charged a small down payment for a high-quality solar PV system. Then, through its “progressive purchase” model, they pay in advance for a designated amount of energy consumption. Each payment counts toward the final purchase price, which — when fully paid — permanently unlocks the system, according to the company’s website.”

Read the rest of the article here.
Light even for Developed Cities
But even developed countries are now slowly relying on Solar Powered Lamps. Electrician

The Jordan Times published in one of its posts that Solar Lamps have been used to line up one of their major thoroughfares.

“The plan is in line with the municipality’s strategy to turn Amman into a green city by expanding the adoption of renewable energy to protect the environment, Farajeen noted. Jordan, which imports about 97 per cent of its energy needs, is witnessing an increasing demand on installing solar systems for generating power.”

Check out the rest of the story here.
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Individuals can also try making a solar-powered lamp, even from scratch and out of scrap. This […]

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Living Room lighting Pegs

Living room lighting ideas
Lachmannsvei 39C - living room/stue

Inspiring Ideas to light up the living room. (Photo Credits) 

The living room is usually the focal point in any home. It is where the family relaxes and converge, it is also where guests are entertained. Electrical Association

Lighting it up is like accentuating parts of the living room that needs to get more attention.

Room Décor Ideas shared some lighting pieces that will give a summery feel to any living room.

“You certainly know that the lighting is one of the most important elements in a room design. The lighting system is what will make the room design looks coziest and more elegant. So, Room Decor Ideas search for the best lighting pieces for Summer time. Room Decor Ideas found some exclusive design pieces that can give your living room a new touch of elegance and glamour and also make it looks perfect for summer.”

Check out the lighting pieces here.
Make it Light
Steve Williams Kitchens meantime featured lighting designs that will surely wow guests. Electrician

“Living room style with hard wood floor, amazing chandelier, large sectional sofa, television mounted above brick fireplace with white cathedral ceilings against beige colored walls.”

Check out the pegs here.
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The website Architectural Digest meantime underscored the lighting abilities of Floor Lamps in illuminating and accentuating living rooms.

“Whether decorating a living room, bedroom, or bath, stylish floor lamps provide a unique decorative element and a sense of drama. And they’re especially helpful in small spaces with low ceilings; while other furnishings may be squat or low to the ground, a tall floor lamp draws attention to […]

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