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Replacing a Faulty Light Switch

When to fix and when to replace

Fix faulty switches first before deciding to replace them. (Photo Credits)

Faulty switches can be very inconvenient. And this is the reason why most homeowners would want to have it repaired right away.

But before deciding to replace a light switch, one must first ensure that it is already beyond repair. American Lighting Association   

Homeguides SF Gate shared a great guide in diagnosing a failing light switch.

“Note the symptoms of the faulty switch. If the light flickers or shines dimly, there is probably a loose connection on the switch or inside it. If the lights don’t come on at all, however, the circuit power may be off. Make sure the breaker controlling the switch is on, then look around the house for tripped GFI outlets and reset any you find. This simple procedure may solve the problem.”

Read the continuation here. 
Problematic Light Switch
If in case the problem indeed lies on the light switch, provided a useful step-by-step instructions in replacing light switches. They however were quick to tell their readers to exercise utmost caution for their safety. Master Electrician

“Never take risks with electrical safety. Before you start any type of electrical work, you must follow these following safety precautions: (1) Remember to switch off the mains power at the consumer unit/fuse box. Isolate the circuit you plan to work on by removing the circuit fuse. Put this in your pocket to avoid accidental replacement Or switch off the breaker and lock it if you can; (2) Attach a note to the unit to advise you are working on the circuit.”

Read the continuation of the safety precautions, plus the step-by-step guide here.
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Reliable Solar Lamps

Harnessing the power of Solar Lamps
Red Solar Lantern

The reliability of Solar Power. (Photo Credits) 

 Solar Power Lamps are heaven sent in areas that have yet to be reached by mainstream power lines.

Huffington Post featured a community in India that are now using Solar Lamps to illuminate their dark evenings while they await to be part of their country’s power grid. Electrical Association

“Customers, who live either off the grid entirely or have less than 12 hours a day of electricity, are charged a small down payment for a high-quality solar PV system. Then, through its “progressive purchase” model, they pay in advance for a designated amount of energy consumption. Each payment counts toward the final purchase price, which — when fully paid — permanently unlocks the system, according to the company’s website.”

Read the rest of the article here.
Light even for Developed Cities
But even developed countries are now slowly relying on Solar Powered Lamps. Electrician

The Jordan Times published in one of its posts that Solar Lamps have been used to line up one of their major thoroughfares.

“The plan is in line with the municipality’s strategy to turn Amman into a green city by expanding the adoption of renewable energy to protect the environment, Farajeen noted. Jordan, which imports about 97 per cent of its energy needs, is witnessing an increasing demand on installing solar systems for generating power.”

Check out the rest of the story here.
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Individuals can also try making a solar-powered lamp, even from scratch and out of scrap. This […]

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Living Room lighting Pegs

Living room lighting ideas
Lachmannsvei 39C - living room/stue

Inspiring Ideas to light up the living room. (Photo Credits) 

The living room is usually the focal point in any home. It is where the family relaxes and converge, it is also where guests are entertained. Electrical Association

Lighting it up is like accentuating parts of the living room that needs to get more attention.

Room Décor Ideas shared some lighting pieces that will give a summery feel to any living room.

“You certainly know that the lighting is one of the most important elements in a room design. The lighting system is what will make the room design looks coziest and more elegant. So, Room Decor Ideas search for the best lighting pieces for Summer time. Room Decor Ideas found some exclusive design pieces that can give your living room a new touch of elegance and glamour and also make it looks perfect for summer.”

Check out the lighting pieces here.
Make it Light
Steve Williams Kitchens meantime featured lighting designs that will surely wow guests. Electrician

“Living room style with hard wood floor, amazing chandelier, large sectional sofa, television mounted above brick fireplace with white cathedral ceilings against beige colored walls.”

Check out the pegs here.
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The website Architectural Digest meantime underscored the lighting abilities of Floor Lamps in illuminating and accentuating living rooms.

“Whether decorating a living room, bedroom, or bath, stylish floor lamps provide a unique decorative element and a sense of drama. And they’re especially helpful in small spaces with low ceilings; while other furnishings may be squat or low to the ground, a tall floor lamp draws attention to […]

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Microwave Oven Recipes

It is not just for reheating
Microwave Pizza

Microwave oven can be used for cooking too. (Photo Credits) 

For most households, the microwave oven is an indispensable tool. After all, it makes serving food so easy. No more stove top reheating that would require more time, and more dishes to wash after.

But apparently, the Microwave is not just for reheating. Electrical Association shared a host of recipes that can be cooked using this kitchen contraption.

“The microwave oven is so much more than just a gadget to reheat your food. You can actually use your microwave oven to cook dishes. How about trying these recipes?”

Check out the recipes here.

Not complicated at all

Scoop Whoop also featured more than a dozen quick cooking microwave oven recipes. Electrician

“Your microwave becomes your savior when you are cooking for yourself, or want to cook really fast or when you don’t have a stove top but want to cook something fancy. Here are some awesome recipes for such times.”

Read the recipes here.
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Hungry Girl meantime shared a healthy vegetable recipe that can be cooked using a microwave oven. “It’s hard to believe that a big, solid vegetable can turn into a perfect pasta swap, but it’s definitely possible… That’s why it’s a called a spaghetti squash! I love that a cup of the cooked squash strands has just 42 calories and 10g carbs, while the same amount of cooked traditional spaghetti has around 200 calories and 40g carbs. As for how to transform the spaghetti squash into noodles.”

Check out the recipe here.

What dishes do you cook using your microwave oven?

Non-Electric Washing Machines

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The Power of Wind-Generated Electricity

All about Wind Power
wind power

The power of turbines and windmills. (Photo Credits)

Wind Power is one alternative source of electricity that is further gaining ground. Electrical Association      

In fact in Denmark it produces more than what is needed by the country, as reported by The Guardian. “So much power was produced by Denmark’s windfarms on Thursday that the country was able to meet its domestic electricity demand and export power to Norway, Germany and Sweden. On an unusually windy day, Denmark found itself producing 116% of its national electricity needs from wind turbines yesterday evening. By 3am on Friday, when electricity demand dropped, that figure had risen to 140%. Interconnectors allowed 80% of the power surplus to be shared equally between Germany and Norway, which can store it in hydropower systems for use later. Sweden took the remaining fifth of excess power.”

Read the rest of the article here.
Bladeless Wind Turbine
Grist.Org meantime featured a futuristic Wind Turbine that is even more efficient in generating wind power. Electrician

“What do you get if you take the blades off a wind turbine? A better wind turbine. That sounds like a joke, but that’s actually more or less the model of a new wind turbine prototype. Instead of blades that turn in the breeze, the turbine is just a hollow straw that sticks up 40 feet from the ground and vibrates like a guitar string when the wind thrums by. The Spanish engineers who founded Vortex Bladeless in 2010 said they were inspired by the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster.”

Check out the rest of the story here.
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A Nigerian Engineer meantime converted a vehicle into a combination of […]

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The Convenience of using an Electric Wheelchair

Better Mobility
Man in an Electric Wheelchair and White Patent Leather Shoes - Atlantic City Boardwalk, NJ

More options in terms of mobility. Photo Credits

The Electric wheelchair could just be a big relief for those who cannot walk on their own either temporarily or for good.

This is especially true for young children who may be born with a medical condition that keeps them from being mobile. Tech website Gizmodo featured a group of university students who came up with the world’s smallest electric wheelchair that even ordinary families can afford.

“So five undergraduate mechanical engineering students from BYU’s Engineering Capstone program challenged themselves to build the world’s smallest electric wheelchair for the Jensen brothers. And after a year of designing and testing, they perfected a chair made with a PVC pipe frame that weighs just over 20 pounds, but can actually support a child up to 50 pounds. And the price tag, including batteries, wheels, motors, the electronics needed for a joystick controller, and a padded seat, came to just $495. That is probably the most significant accomplishment the students were able to achieve.”

Read the rest of the story here.
Giving a Lift meantime featured this young boy who gave his little sister a lift using his new electric wheel chair.

“Multitasking in our busy world is essential. Reece Delashmit, 11, decided to test out his new powered wheelchair by giving his little sister a test ride down the hall, on the way to deliver some clothes to the laundry room. It’s difficult to decide who’s enjoying the ride more: Reece or his baby sister.”

Electrical Association. Watch the video here.
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An Electric car in fact can carry these electric wheel chairs with ease, and in fact allow them to drive the vehicle […]

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Creative Uses of Electrical Tape

Other Uses of Electrical Tape
See the Lowly Electrical Tape in a Whole New Light
The lowly electrical tape has seen a new use other than binding cords and other electrical fixtures.Just take a look around Pinterest, and mintes into browsing the site, crafts using electrical tapes will abound. Find a LightningElectric El Cajon, CA Electrician here.

For instance, Craft Website “Rain on a Tin Roof” showed seven ways to get creative with those black tapes that lie around the garage. “Tape is cheap. And cheap crafts are the best crafts.” And since lectrical Tapes now come in different colors, getting creative becomes all the more easier. Among the crafts she mentioned include an Electrical Tape Lamp Shade, Photo frame, and Frame Mats among others. LightningElectrician Chula Vista, CA See all of the seven crafts here.

Luxury Car Brand Mercedes Benz on the other hand celebrated having 17 million Facebook likes with a mural created using electrical tapes. In its website, said “the ‘taped artwork’ depicting a Mercedes-AMG GT is now on display at the AMG Private Lounge in Affalterbach, after the designers spent countless hours creating the highly-detailed image. LightningElectrician Poway, CA And with that, the German carmaker’s 17 million fans should feel well and truly thanked.” See the artwork here.

But not all electrical tapes are used for creative purpose. Some use it to harm people, and even animals. Just like in this story from where all the cat’s paws have been bound by electrical tapes. “A young cat was found with electrical tape tightly bound around his legs and paws in Saskatchewan, Canada… Due to blood loss to his paws, the feline had eight of his toes removed, but has recovered and is doing great.” […]

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