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The Different Types of Light Bulbs

Light Bulb 101
blue light lit

There are different types of light bulbs, and each of them have their own advantages. (Photo Credits)

Any home, no matter how modern it is, will not survive without having a single light bulb in it. Illumination is a definite need, and it will be very difficult to function without it.

In its official website, The American Lighting Association has enumerated the different kinds of light bulbs available in the market today. It includes incandescent, fluorescent, LED, and High Intensity Discharge or HID Lights. Master Electrician

“Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) produce light when voltage is applied to negatively charged semiconductors, causing electrons to combine and create a unit of light (photon). In simpler terms, an LED is a chemical chip embedded in a plastic capsule. Because they are small, several LEDs are sometimes combined to produce a single light bulb. LED lighting in general is more efficient and longer lasting than any other type of light source, and it is being developed for more and more applications within the home. LEDs are currently popular in under-cabinet strips and some types of downlights.”

Read more about LED here in the continuation of this American Lighting Association article.
Other types of light bulbs
Home and Garden Television meantime differentiated the types of light bulbs in one article that it published. “Incandescent is the most commonly used light bulb and usually the least expensive. This type of light has a warm, inviting quality and is very complimentary to skin tones and psychologically appealing. Incandescent bulbs usually last between 700 to 1,000 hours and can be used with a dimmer; however, they’re not as energy efficient as other options.”

Read their whole article here.
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What to do when a light bulb breaks

Replacing a broken light bulb

How to safely replace a broken light bulb? Read on. (Photo Credits)

A broken light bulb can be very dangerous especially when there are children around. Apart from the risk of electric shocks, broken glass can definitely cause injuries.

The Natural Handyman says the first thing to do is to turn of the light switch that powers the broken light bulb. “First and foremost, make sure the electric power is off.  If you can’t determine which circuit the fixture is on, turn off ALL circuits. (2) Put down a tarp to catch any remaining broken glass from the old bulb. (3) Leather gloves are preferred if you have to touch the broken bulb base. (4) Wear eye protection, especially if you are working on an overhead fixture.  A hat might also help keep glass off your head!” Read the rest of the guidelines here.
Safety should always be a priority
The Family Handyman meantime says there might be cases when the light bulb will not budge and so, even more safety precautions should be observed. In fact it even shared a hack used by many electricians when it comes to resolving stubborn bulbs. American Lighting Association

“Often, you can unscrew the base by inserting a pliers and holding the jaws open as you turn. A potato might work too: Round the end of the potato with a knife, jam it into the socket and turn. If neither of those methods work, use a needle-nose pliers to remove the bulb. Firmly grab the bulb’s metal base and turn, but avoid damaging the light fixture’s metal screw-shell lamp holder.”

Check out the rest of the advice here.
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The problem with unlicensed electricians

Risks of dealing with unlicensed contractors

What can happen when a property owner hires an unlicensed electrician? (Photo Credits)

Unlicensed electricians are more trouble than the savings that may be incurred from hiring them. They can compromise the safety of the structure, they can turn out work that are substandard, they present more risks, and more importantly they pose a whole lot of potential trouble. Electrical Association           

The Better Business Bureau enumerated the many trouble that may come with transacting with one. “Injury Protection. An unlicensed contractor may not have workers compensation insurance, and if hired by a homeowner, the homeowner then becomes the employer and is responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur on their property. A simple home improvement project could turn into a bill for tens of thousands more, all because the homeowner hired an unlicensed contractor.” Read the continuation here.
Unlicensed and Dangerous
Service Ratings Website Angie’s List published two stories about property owners who hired unlicensed contractors saying that hiring unlicensed contractors may cost a client so much in terms of penalties and possible issues like injuries and other insurance matters. Electrician   

“Homeowners need to care about hiring licensed contractors, says Rick Lopes, public affairs officer for the Contractors State License Board in California. ‘Consumers can suffer serious financial consequences,’ he says. Currently, state law fines contractors up to $5,000 for working without a license, a misdemeanor offense.” Check the rest of the article here.
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PR News Wire meantime published a warning to homeowners who may be encouraged to hire unlicensed contractors.

“With an increase in home remodeling, the California Professional […]

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Problems with Electrical Outlets

Solutions and Causes

Common problems with electrical outlets and their causes. (Photo Credits)

Electrical outlets are very important in any home. It serves as a source of electrical power, and without it, appliances and fixtures that need electricity will not work.

The website enumerated the many possible problems a property owner may encounter in relation with its electrical plugs. American Lighting Association 

“How Bad Is This:  It can go either way.  This might be a simple case of lightening the load on a circuit.  Or your house’s entire electrical system might need upgrading. Do This:  The most common reason for circuit breaker tripping is an overloaded system. Turn off appliances that consume a lot of electricity, flip the breaker, and try again.  If the breaker does not turn off, then plug in and turn on one appliance or light and try again.  Sometimes, the circuit breaker itself may require replacing.  If you have a fuse, rather than a circuit breaker, this itself may indicate an older service panel that is not adequate for today’s standards.”

Read the other common electrical outlet problems here.
Sparks can be normal
Master Electrician Service Ratings website Angiel’s List meantime listed down possible reasons why outlets spark. It said in one of the entries that it could also be normal for an outlet to spark. “When that power is suddenly diverted to an appliance, there will be a quick draw on the available power, causing a brief spark. Once the electrons are flowing freely, there should be no reason for a spark to form. This is normal, and it’s comparable to static electricity.”

Read the other reasons here.
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Responding to Electric Shock

First Aid Measures
Risk of electric shock

What to do in case of an electric shock. (Photo Credits)

Electric shock can be very injurious. While it can be a mild jolt, it can easily escalate into an accident so intense that it can claim a life.

Knowing how to respond to electrical shocks is key to saving one’s life and that of the people surrounding the victim. American Lighting Association             

British Website Safety First Aid came out with a guide on the first aid treatment for an electrical shock victim. “If you suspect someone has received an electric shock you must ensure all power sources are isolated before you can treat the casualty. High Voltage (Shock) Overhead power cables are an example of a power source generating high voltage electricity. High voltage electricity has the ability to ‘jump’ or ‘arc’ up to distances of 18 metres or over. If faced with a casualty resulting from high voltage electricity: Do not approach! Stay at least 25 metres away from the casualty until the power has been switched off by an official agency i.e. Electricity Board.”

Read the continuation here.
First Aid for Electrical Shock
For domestic voltage levels, the website First Aid For Free published the initial steps a person must take when responding to an electrical shock. Master Electrician        

“Be alert for hazards! It is urgent that the casualty be disconnected from the electrical source, either by:  (1)  turning off the power supply and disconnecting any plugs from the outlet, and isolating the electricity supply at the main board/trip switches if possible; or (2) removing the casualty from the electrical source by pushing or pulling them with non conducting materials, eg, wooden stick or board, rope, or blanket. Be careful not to touch the […]

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Areas Powered by Renewable Energy

All about Renewable Power
Green Power

Going green. (Photo Credits)

Relying on sustainable forms of energy is a goal of most cities to save on costs and at the same time to help reduce carbon foot print.

More and more cities and countries take pride in using renewable energy sources like solar, and wind turbines.

In Scotland, wind turbines powered its electricity needs for more than a day as reported by the website The Guardian. Electrical Association            

“High winds on Sunday were strong enough to power the equivalent of all of Scotland’s electricity needs for the day, according to environmentalists. The Met Office issued a yellow “be aware” weather warning covering much of the country as wind speeds reached 115mph on the top of the Cairngorms and gusts of more than 60mph hit towns in the north. The weather brought travel disruption, with some bridges closed, ferries cancelled and trains affected but helped boost the country’s renewable energy production.”

Read the continuation of the article here.
More than a hundred days
Costa Rica for its part took pride in relying on sustainable energy for more than 100 days. Electrician

“The small Central American nation has generated 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources for the past 113 days, and the run isn’t over yet. The country, which draws clean energy from a variety of renewable sources, still has its sights on a full year without fossil fuels. With a 113-day stretch of 100-percent renewable energy under its belt and several months left in the year, Costa Rica is edging closer to its target. Costa Rica could be on track to match the record set with its renewable energy production last year, which accounted for 99 percent of the country’s electricity. That included 285 […]

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Heating the home using Solar Energy

Solar Home Heating
StrawBale House with American Clay Plaster

Home heating through Solar Power. (Photo Credits)

Warming the whole home requires a lot of energy, and therefore incurs a huge chunk of utility costs for any home or commercial property. This is the reason why more and more companies and individual families are considering to invest on renewable sources of energy to save costs in the long run. Electrical Association 

In Denmark, the world’s largest solar heating system has been fired up as featured in the website State of Green. “Over the last seven months, a lorry has gone to Arcon-Sunmark in Skørping 455 times in order to unload solar panels for the world’s biggest solar heating system in Silkeborg. The system consists of 12,436 solar panels for each 12.6 m2, a complete area of 156,694 m2. On a sunny day in the summer half, 2.7 million litres of water circulate through the system every hour. Through 1.2 kilometre long district heating pipes, the system connects to a heating plant. – One fifth of the heat consumption in Silkeborg is now covered by solar heat; a figure we have been proud of contributing to in collaboration with Silkeborg Forsyning. The project is living proof that redistribution to sustainable energy does not have to be a long and difficult process. It can be realised quickly and effectively, says Søren Elisiussen, the managing director at Arcon-Sunmark.”

Read more about it here.
Do-it-Yourself Solar Home Heating System
Solar Power World Online meantime shared some ways to generate home heat using solar power. Electrician         

“Rather than storing energy in batteries, another option is to store solar energy in the form of hot water. Figure 2 shows a 1.2-kW off-grid solar inverter connected to the lower heating element of a water […]

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Preventing a shortage of electricians

Solving a possible concern

Solving a possible problem. (Photo Credits)

Becoming an electrician or being an electrical contractor can be very in demand nowadays. The good thing about it is that industry players are doing what it can to prevent a full-blown shortage.

Southwire says it has teamed up with other industry players in training future batches of electricians.

“Southwire, among other forward-looking companies, is preparing young workers to fill that potential skills gap through training and apprenticeship programs. To build strong relationships with younger, less experienced electricians, we are collaborating with National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) to train the next generation of electrical workers. Through the electrical training ALLIANCE, NECA and the IEC, we support Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) and SkillsUSA—vocational training programs for apprentice electricians across the country. Companies often donate supplies for continuing education and training events they host with industry partners. For example, we provide supplies for “wire-offs”—events in which electricians compete to wire systems. We also donate employee hours to train contractors through product demonstrations, events that often count for their continuing education requirements.”

Read more here.
Scholarship Funds
Some electrician associations meantime fund scholarship programs to help avoid possible shortages and at the same time help fellow workers earn degrees.

The Business Journal Daily published a feature on this.

“Eligible applicants include journeymen electricians with IBEW Local 64 and employees of signatory electrical contractors in the Mahoning Valley. Students pursuing undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering, electrical engineering technology, civil and construction engineering technology, business management and other degrees that benefit the electrical industry are given preference.”

Check out the rest of the post here.
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Avoid Electrical Problems when buying an older home

Electrical Systems of an older house
Joe Everhart & Ken Ramsay House

What to check when buying an older home, electrical-wise. (Photo Credits)

When purchasing a relatively older house, buyers are advised to be wary about the potential electrical concerns an older home may bring about. says electrical wirings and systems may be outdated so it should be among the first details any buyer should check and inquire about. Electrical Association

“You must also inspect the breaker panels in older homes for any deterioration or signs that arcing or burn marks exist. Unfortunately, many consumers who buy older homes are under the impression that breaker panels last a lifetime and there is no need to check them. This mindset can lead to dangerous electrical conditions and fire hazards threatening the safety of any home.”

Read the whole article here.
Fewer Outlets meantime cautioned buyers that older homes may have fewer outlets compared to modern ones. Electrician 

“Expect to find fewer outlets per room and fewer circuits—which means all your electronics could trip a fuse. And if you find single-strand aluminum wiring—common during the copper shortage of the late ’60s and early ’70s—be prepared to replace the system. Faulty connections overheat the wiring, creating (surprise!) a fire hazard.”

Check out the rest of the write-up here.
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Lightning Electrician Lemon Grove for its part says an older home may be less energy-efficient versus a newer one, so buyers should consider that fact when deciding.

“Energy efficient windows are just one of the features that became standard after the first energy crises of 1970. Many very old houses that date before that era may not have added insulation, new windows and doors, […]

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Upcycling Used Copper Wires

Products Made from Used Copper Wires
Copper Wire Project

Copper wires can be reused and recycled into different products. (Photo Credits)

Copper wires are materials that can be reused and upcycled. It is a very versatile craft item that helps boost creativity.

Art People for instance shared wonderful upcycled creations made up of copper wires. Electrician

“Celina Ortiz and her husband find discarded television sets and deconstruct them, removing their copper or aluminum wire in the process. With this valuable material in hand, they wrap the material around stone pendants in a tree-like design. The wire spans the width of the teardrop and oval forms, framing them with delicate branches that electrifyingly extend and wrap around the stone.”

Check out the copper wire projects here.
Copper can be beautiful
The website meantime featured the project of a lady caring for the elderly. The project involved crocheting super thin copper wires. Electrical Association

“Mondro spent a whole year researching the anatomy of the heart. She wanted her model to be as accurate as possible, especially since it single-handedly encompassed the meaning of her work. Mondro’s crocheted heart is highly fitting. It shows how art and creativity can help inspire the heart to beat. Beautiful, ain’t it?”

Take a look at it here.
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The website Fossbytes meantime shared a way to make homemade speakers using used copper wires among other used materials.

“In this article, I won’t be presenting you some list of the world’s costliest speakers, or telling you about their amazing quality. Instead, I’ll be showing you how to make your own homemade speakers. While this particular version is made with the help […]

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