Bathroom Lighting Tips

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Better lighting, better bathroom. (Photo Credits)

Bathroom lighting can do a lot in terms of improving the over-all look of a bathroom, or generally in accentuating its features and design.

Architectural Digest shared some tips. Electrical Association    

“Install extra lights based on the activity. Does the room’s overhead fixture not provide enough light to shave in the shower? Add a recessed can light with a watertight seal. Do you apply makeup in the bathroom? Bring in a makeup mirror with a built-in light. Do you want to add personality and atmosphere? Hang a chandelier for visual interest (though it shouldn’t be your main light source). Here are the designer’s tips for choosing bulbs, placing fixtures, and avoiding a haunted-house effect.”

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Brightening up the bathroom

More tips can even be found over at Creative Design’s official website. From Bathroom Fixtures, up to lighting arrangement, they shared various know-hows on illuminating and accentuating one of the most used parts of the home. Electrician    

“Cylindrical Pendant Lights — The use of modern accents to your bathroom can instantly transform its look. Aside from using marble finish tiles, you can install cylindrical pendant lights to provide a beautiful accent. It is contemporary and chic! Star Lights — Add a fun and whimsical feel to your bathroom with the addition of star lights. It does not have to match the entire bathroom décor. The contrast adds more beauty to the décor concept.”

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In Airplanes though there is one type of lighting that will surely be appreciated by its passengers. featured the germ-busting UV-Light System in Boieng Airplanes in one of its posts.

“Boeing recently gathered its engineers and designers to create an airplane bathroom that won’t turn into a smelly, germ-filled nightmare. If you’ve been on long-haul flights before, you know what we’re talking about. What they came up with is a restroom worthy of being pitted against fancy Japanese toilets, one that cleans itself after every visitor by killing 99.99 percent of germs with far UV light. By killing germs, the method also keeps the stall from smelling like a truck-stop urinal. Far UV light is only harmful to microbes and is different from the type used in tanning salons. Still, the bathroom only activates its lights if sensors indicate that there’s nobody inside. As soon as you close the door, the lights pulse and zap germs you might leave behind; the toilet cover even automatically pops up to ensure thorough cleaning. It only takes three seconds to finish the whole process.”

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Lights are indeed very important in every bathroom.

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